Preferred Vendors

A preferred RH Acres vendor is a vendor who has been proven to be a company we and our guests enjoy working with. When we’re hosting or coordinating an event and in need of services, we’ll call you first and we’ll encourage our guests to call you first as well. The qualities we look for in a preferred vendor are reputation, reasonable costs, high quality of products and services, and probably most important of all…friendly, kind and generous staff. Vendors also need to be licensed and insured, as applicable, with evidence of experience in the area they specialize in. By adding you to our preferred vendors list, we are promoting you to our guests the same as you would promote RH Acres facilities and events through your other bookings.

Myrtle Beach Event Venue

RH Acres is a Myrtle Beach event venue located in Socastee, South Carolina. RH Acres is a venue perfect for weddings, car shows, family reunions, non-profit events, conferences, rodeos, small concerts or a place to hang out during fall bike rally or spring bike rally. They even have a haunted house, hay barn and a hybrid tennis court. RH Acres offers full event planning at their Myrtle Beach venue for whatever event you would like us to host. RH Acres is located at 3833 Socastee Blvd. in Myrtle Beach, SC.

3833 Socastee Blvd • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 • 843.676.5703
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