RH Acres Information

RH Acres is located at 3833 Socastee Boulevard, aka Hwy 707. Remember when we said we are secluded on 15 acres? Well that means we aren’t road front and you might find it challenging to find our gate the first time. Your GPS or Google Maps may or may not work. Sometimes it takes you to the back property line instead of the driveway…and that will be very frustrating for you and our neighbors in St. Charles Place! Try using 3809 Socastee Boulevard. Look for our round sign along with Socastee Automotive.   When you get there follow the drive all the way to the back. You’ll see our gate and the Main Building just beyond that. From the Bypass 17 overpass our drive is exactly ½ mile on the left.  We recommend you make an appointment to visit RH Acres so we can show you around!

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Myrtle Beach Event Venue

RH Acres is a Myrtle Beach event venue located in Socastee, South Carolina. RH Acres is a venue perfect for weddings, car shows, family reunions, non-profit events, conferences, rodeos, small concerts or a place to hang out during fall bike rally or spring bike rally. They even have a haunted house, hay barn and a hybrid tennis court. RH Acres offers full event planning at their Myrtle Beach venue for whatever event you would like us to host. RH Acres is located at 3833 Socastee Blvd. in Myrtle Beach, SC.

3833 Socastee Blvd • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 • 843.676.5703
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