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Myrtle Beach Event Center

Hey y'all! Our family is so excited to welcome you to RH Acres! We know what you’re thinking…something like “RH Acres? Never heard of it.” Let me fill you in. RH Acres is secluded on 15 acres just outside the City of Myrtle Beach in Socastee… say it out loud….SOCK-uh-stee! And we were here hundreds of years before Myrtle Beach, just sayin’. We’re ready and waiting to host your festival, event or party. We aren’t “high falutin” like the resorts and we aren’t dripping with Southern plantation charms like you’ll find further South…not that we don’t love experiencing both every now and then. We’re more like your favorite pair of jeans or boots…comfortable and a little rough around the edges…but man do they look and feel good with the right accessories! RH Acres is ready to be dressed up or down or in between, whatever your suits your fancy.

Whether it’s big or small, public or private, for profit or charity, we’re looking forward to working with you to make it happen. RH Acres is the most unique event venue in Horry County. So you’re not an event promoter or a festival organizer? You’re just looking for a place to have a party? That’s OK, too! RH Acres is available for birthday parties, dinners, family reunions….or whatever you need space for! We are conveniently located close to Myrtle Beach and all of the creature comforts, restaurants, attractions and nightlife, but far enough away to maintain a rustic solitude not found in the City. RH Acres is perfect for creating whatever atmosphere you have in mind. From our brand new 4000 sf “Hay Barn”, our unique world famous 4000 sf bar, our grass arena complete with stage, sound tower and bleachers, and even our accessory buildings to be used how you see fit…what you have in mind can be made a reality. Who knows what you’ll find out here! We’ve been known to host oyster roasts, IPRA traditional rodeos, SPBR events (that’s bull riding if you don’t know), concerts, rodeos, company trainings and seminars, Christmas parties, birthday parties, motorcycle rallies, motorcycle rodeos, live bands, renaissance festivals….even tennis tournaments! The possibilities are endless! Indoor or outdoor…big or small…classy or trashy…RH Acres is where you can make yourself at home.

Myrtle Beach Event Venue

RH Acres is a Myrtle Beach event venue located in Socastee, South Carolina. RH Acres is a venue perfect for weddings, car shows, family reunions, non-profit events, conferences, rodeos, small concerts or a place to hang out during fall bike rally or spring bike rally. They even have a haunted house, hay barn and a hybrid tennis court. RH Acres offers full event planning at their Myrtle Beach venue for whatever event you would like us to host. RH Acres is located at 3833 Socastee Blvd. in Myrtle Beach, SC.

3833 Socastee Blvd • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 • 843.676.5703
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